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Game Fair 2019 - Aug 16, 17 & 18


Game Fair in Ramsey is an annual family sporting and selling event, unique in Minnesota and much of the rest of the country. If you love all the outdoor activities like trap shooting, archery and doing water and field events with your dog, you'll appreciate this Minnesota grown event held at Armstrong Ranch Kennels.  

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Directions: From Highway 10/169 take Armstrong Road to 161st St., take a left and then it's all the way down to the T in the road.

The Fair is held on two weekends. 

Gates are open at 9am and then close at 6pm on Friday & Saturday, and then 5pm on Sundays.  Parking is well organized, but lots of walking on the grounds. Paths are paved for wheel chairs and scooters. Shuttles are available from the Lion's parking lot, and neighbors along 161st St offer reasonable parking closer to the Fair. 

There are field and water events for dogs, plenty of watering stations.  

Shiatsu is not only good for people, but dogs as well!  Sadly, cost and time constraints will keep me from being out there a least this year, but loved when together with others we did those two weekends!

Game Fair registers anywhere from 4,000-5,000 dogs during the two week event where they can test their skills in all kinds of field and water events.  

Shiatsu for animals follows the same meridians and points for people, and works brilliantly to keep the canine athlete in good form, address aches and pains, soothe and calm excited dogs and generally treat them to a heightened experience. 

In August 2011, myself, Tammy, the owner of First Impressions Barber & Stylists and Roger  (called game fair like a state fair for dogs!) & Dede Hinrichs of Healing Grounds in Monticello, Green Lotus in Mendota Heights did Game Fair ( in Ramsey, and again in 2012 & 2013 - up on the Pheasants Forever Hill towards the Wild Goose Chase & Obstacle course on the north end of the lake between Fetch-a-Cure and the Long Jump.  At click on the visitor information page, then dog events to download a map of the grounds.

Massage has been a popular request at Armstrong Ranch Kennels in Ramsey, MN for years under Desi.  The massage team at Armstrong Kennels have a wealth of experience working with field champions, as well as family companions. 





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