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Managing Fibromyalgia - links to online resources

Managing Fibromyalgia -Llinks to online resources 

Signature aspects of fibromyalgia are constant widespread pain, muscle pain and tenderness, cramping from fatigue and sleep deprivation, tender joints and so much more.  In some cases pain is so intense that the skin cannot even tolerate being touched.  Imagine the kind of torture in which you are constantly awakened and rarely allowed to fall into a deep refreshing sleep. 

With Fibromyalgia, first rest is needed, but a person with fibromyalgia cannot easily find that rest.  Breathing is key.  Diet is usually going to hold at least some of the answer for pain.

Muscles are wrapped in a kind of connective tissue saran wrap.  Connective tissue is a weird and wonderful web of sheet like rubbery bands holding everything together, and involved in everything from bone to skin.  With fibromyalgia instead of flexible and amazing in pliability and movement, they can get miserable, tight, adhered and painful.  So, what is blocking the body's normally super computer ability to heal itself? 

Well, that's debatable, pain or deep work seems to have a temporary effect, but the core aspect of the need to let go of overriding memory of pain can't be ignored.

With massage a good choice is shiatsu or Thai focusing on some of the assisted stretches.  The compressing action of hand walking, traction holds, drag and pressure point work can have a soothing effect that can, if even briefly, open up the circulation delivery system of nutrients and oxygen, and at the same time open up the lymphatic/immune dead cells, gases and toxins removal system.  Every time you can turn on all systems go, healing is taking place at a deep memory level. - the more times the body and mind experience all systems go new memory infrastructure is being created.

The more chances the body and mind have of experiencing letting go of pain - even going through the motions of setting aside time for working on finding your letting go of pain go to place within - the more neural pathways are created for that allowing the body to indulge in that feeling of relief.

The three main choices in health care for fibromyalgia are: allopathic medicine/health care focusing on drug therapies and ruling out other possibilities; alternative medicine/health care which usually include chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapy, and then integrated medicine/health care programs, such as the Mayo Clinic and Sister Kenny Institute at Abbott Northwestern here in Minnesota where you may be able to get the best of both worlds in health care.

Your first stop might be your family doctor, who will be able to refer you to a specialist who will begin by ruing out other possibilities.

Some doctors focus on fibromyalgia and have websites devoted the subject: (New Jersey)

Shiatsu is used as a medical massage therapy in Japan where it was developed, and can be helpful in managing pain from fibromyalgia, which offers many techniques for insomnia related pain and promoting better sleep.

Sunny Cooper, an instructor in Minneapolis who has researched fibromyalgia for years wrote this about massage & fibromyalgia:

A medical massage protocol was developed in the former Soviet Union after an incident of environmental origin started a fibromyalgia epidemic in Dnepopetrovsk, Ukraine in the late 1960s (former Soviet Union). Massage was effective in their fibromyalgia treatment.

Ross Turchaninov and Boris Prilutsky, shared this protocol in their 2004 article Massage in Treating Fybromyalgia for Massage & Bodywork magazine.  Click on the link provided below to read the original article.

It's important to arm yourself with a lot of information when it comes to having fibromyalgia.  The testing involved in determining fibromyalgia is extensive, more about eliminating other possibilities. 


The links below cover some of the best resources out there:


Sensory Overload, by Ginevra Liptan, MD, and Jamie Lipton.  Points out in this article the key thing to remember with fibro is that activation of the sympathetic nervous system makes the pain signal louder, and activation of the parasympathetic response makes the pain signal quieter.  Author Ginevra Liptan said that John Barnes's Myofascial Release Approach was the most effective pain relieving treatment she found.


Myofascial release is a system of stretching holds and traction, and then releasing the pressure. 



American College of Rheumatology Fibromyalgia:


A National Fibromyalgia Research Association chart comparing symptoms of fibromyalgia, chiari malformation and cervical spine compression:


New drugs in 2013 for Fibro and chronic pain, plus 30+ comments below article:


Science Daily articles on fibromyalgia September 28, 2011 - Feb 21, 2013:


From; nine page 2013 article/review of fibromyalgia with 60+ comments:


John Bergman on nerve pressure from subluxation and fibromyalgia - one solution.  One commentor mentions chiari doesn't show up in chiropractic ex-rays (need MRI).  Bergman responds having success without surgery in chiari cases.

Bergman video on fibromyagia:


Cooper, Sunny MS, Med Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatique: ONset and Causes


Cooper, Sunny MS, on Massage and Fibromyalgia


Fontaine, Kevin Ph.D. Fibromyalgia-overview and Clinical Manifestations. Updated Oct. 10, 2012


DiMele, Armand Pain and Addiction


Rehan, Kelly Medical writer SpineUniverse, Wheaton, IL Who Treats Fibromyalgia?  And, Study Highlights New Way to Diagnose Fibromyalgia - And It Doesn't Include a Tender Point


Stahl, Steven M. M.D>, Ph.D.   Fibromyalgia: The Enigma and the Stigma


About shiatsu:


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Mayo Clinic Fibromyalgia: Causes, tests and diagnoses, treatment and drugs, preparing for your appointment, symptoms, lifestyles and home remedies, alternative medicine, complications, risk factors, causes.


Yi Wang, Douglas, Lac, Dipl. Ac., MD (China) Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medical


Massage in Treating Fibromyalgia by Ross Turchaninov and Boris Prilutsky (medical massage developed from 1968 Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine fibromyalgia epidemic).


What medical massage for fibromyalgia looks like.  This is a youtube demonstration by Boris Prilutsky from 2007:


Boris Prilutsky's website:


Medical massage - Control of Arterial Hypertension - A Pilot Study by Boris Prilutsky Aug/September Massage and Bodywork magazine


 Abstracts of the third CEECHE conference 2008.  Fibromyalgia mentioned as an environmental illness (#112):

More on environmental illness and fibromyalgia:

 Conclusions (from:

 It is clear that there are a large number of abnormalities in multiple body systems in fibromyalgia patients. These abnormalities centre around the nervous, endocrine and immune systems and the way these interact with each other. Although these abnormalities have been identified it is still unclear which are causes and which are effects. New research will hopefully shed more light on this but until then doctors who are seeing the best results with patients seem to be those who take a multifactorial approach and try to correct as many of the abnormalities discussed as they possibly can, using currently available treatments. 

Link provided to discussion forum following the article.


A chiropractor's blog:


Article on Dr Jay Goldstein's work with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain (retired in 2003 - primary focus was using drugs):

Dr Jay Golstein website (listed inactive in article above, but is active 3/3/2013):  Extensive list here of online resources - click on fibromyalgia to find.


 Abbott Northwestern Hospital's Arthritis and Fibromyalgia Care program is in the Sister Kenny Rehabilitation unit - see Campus directory #3.  The main phone number for Abbott Northwestern is 612-863-4000.  Abbott Northwestern is a part of Allina hospitals and clinics.$FILE/GettingtoPiper.pdf

The only SKRA online mention under Programs is the link to the physicians and phyciatrists page as "arthritis and other inflammatory conditions" with no other link:

Contact information:

Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute (SKRI) 800 E. 28th St. Minneapolis, MN 55407

612-863-4200 or toll free 1-866-880-3550


National Fibromyalgia Association information site (check list from Abbot Northwestern):


An article more about chronic pain and brain imaging:


Fibromyalgia review site where everything from massage to drugs is reviewed by users - interesting comments on massage therapy!:


Fibromyalgia book list:


 Jesse Ventura proclaims May 6th Fibromyalgia Day


Other supportive links:

Detailed overview of the transtheorical model of change (stress management):


New ruling july 2012 on fibromyalgia and disability (Nolo):


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