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Professional Therapeutic Massage & bodywork for Women

Location:  500 W Main St, Suite 12 Anoka MN 55303

Studio Phone: 763-433-0332

Cell phone: 612-298-2590



Check for Monday availability.   

Hours By appointment:

Tuesday - Friday 10am - 8pm,

Saturday 9am-2pm


In Studio Rates Summer 2019 - spend less, enjoy more:

1-hr shiatsu session $44

1hr-1/2  $62 

3-1hr session certificates $120

10-1hr session certificates $364 

During an hour session change your mind and add 20 minutes for $10. 

Gift certificates available.

Seniors, military, enlisted, veterans & family, receive additional 6% off. 

Anyone working in the health care industry, including massage therapists, receive additional 6% off .  

Allow for 7.125% MN Sales Tax

Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, check/debit card or cash accepted.



Shiatsu full service session rate (Insurance, out of area sessions/retreats/workshops):

1-hr  $85

1-1/2hr  $120

2-hrs  $150


See more answers to frequently asked questions by clicking on the FAQ side bar.

 Allow for an extra 10-20 minutes for first time *interview and intake (no need to arrive earlier, appointment time is fine. Allow for an extra 5-10 minutes intake/update time on following sessions, not included in your session time which will be the full minutes that you have paid for; an hour is a real hour of massage & bodywork or 60 full minutes from whatever minute on the hour your session begins.

Tipping:  Professional therapeutic shiatsu massage & bodywork is considered a form of natural health care, tipping is unnecessary and not expected.


What to wear: Comfortable stretchy clothing that moves with you, cotton or cotton blends without a lot of construction.  There is a dressing/changing room.


Shiatsu Cave Hours:

By appointment:

Tuesday - Friday 10am-8pm, Sat 9am-2pm 

By Appointment: 763-433-0332 [


Call  at your convenience.  During and after hours my studio phone number 763-433-0332, 612-298-2590.    If no answer, leave a voice message, or text message. I should be able to return your call or text within the hour during business hours. 

Thank you.

Bathroom is upstairs, to the left, around towards the back and second bathroom to the right, key is at the top of the shoe park just inside the door.   

Or, Email:


To learn more about therapeutic massage & bodywork:

See the Frequently asked Questions page for more information.

Thank you for using Shiatsu Cave. 



Shinrin-yoku:  The Japanese art of forest air bathing. 

           Remember to Walk in the Woods

Story of origin of tree hugging in India:



Items for Sale at Shiatsu Cave - just a few things that I use in the studio:


Aromatherapy essential oils and custom blends by Jodi Bagli

A pretty good line of Jodi Baglien's Essential oils are available for purchase at Shiatsu Cave.  If you appreciate high quality essential oils and custom blends look no further.  If you are interested in trying any essential oils with your shiatsu session carried in the studio, feel free to mention it.  There are also tester strips and test bottles of each to try a few drops.  Visit Jodi's studio in Osseo to see her full line of custom blends.  My favorites are Comfort, Guardian and Balance.

To find out more visit:


Will Heal Garden - Massage oil.  Lavender and dandelion.  When using oils, this is what I use in the studio, other than the batch of oil I make up each year. 

Little aside here, I went to relatives in Wisconsin this summer to pick horsetail down in a ravine by a creek that runs through their property, just loaded with the most beautiful horsetail, but it was laced with stinging nettle and the area was full of mosquitos, the hum alone was intense. So I went back to my van (my workshop!) and got all covered up and ducked taped down and found a bottle of Will Heal Farm's Bug spray from maybe 2 years ago and sprayed that all over and down into the ravine I went!  Beautiful, not a bite, and I was down there picking for maybe 1hr. The mosquitos were flying around, but seemed absolutely uninterested in biting.  So, I can tell you their bug spray really works good!

Check their website for farmer's market days.  One for sure is Saturdays 9-12 at St Timothy's parking lot. From highway 10 across from Northtown, turn north on University Ave and then follow the signs .  They sell a whole array of items from their medicinal herbs they grow on their farm near Lake George.  Wife Rachel is an acupuncturist in St Francis, and they also hold plant workshops in their yurt at home on the farm. 

Will Heal Farm was the distributor for the beautiful greens at the Anoka Coop before they closed, and they bring the greens to the farmers market each Saturday.


Shane Herbal Muscle Heat (1 ounce jar) $10.  Read more at


Mary's Skin Conditioning Oil Blog, started November 2108 anything after 2016 I'm no longer adding beeswax, like the straight oil now more than the salve, or balm.  If you happen to have my oil or balm, ingredients are listed below for each year. If you want to make your own balm from this oil heat with a piecce of beeswax, add a couple drops of essential oil.

 August 2016    4 oz jar 

Good for dry hands, skin irritations, cuts, scrapes, bites, rough and cracked feet, elbows and knees.   Stores in a cool dark place, keeps for years.

Ingredients: 5 medicinal plants known for their skin healing properties; Goldenrod, Mullein, Horsetail, Heal all and Comfrey steeped in in organic olive oil and beeswax.

My own recipe variations, depends on what looks the best each year.  This year I chose goldenrod over calendula. I use to protect my hands, and I used a low heat steep-and-then rest method simulating sun tea this year, so it's very pungent this time, never mind it was absolutely packed to the top of the oil with finely chopped fresh ingredients. 

Apply to hands. Glove up in light weight cotton inspection gloves (buy by the case from Uline),  they wash over and over many times, one case might last forever, but be sure to get a size up because they shrink) and then wear under work gloves. It feels greasy at first, but quickly works into the skin.  Leave on overnight works wonders. 

Other uses: Massage, facial cleanser, makeup remover, conditioner for feet, cuticle repair, facial massage.



8/28/17: Sorry, this year's batch will not be for sale, but I will be using the base oil as massage oil in the studio.   This year I added goldenrod, mullein, horsetail, heal all, comfrey skin friendly companions that were growing near by: Birch, elm, white pine needles, resins and bark, Solomon's seal early aerial parts, burdock same early aerial parts and flowers, wild hemp aerial parts and lobelia. 

12/19/17  I love this oil, and will probably try making it again next year in pretty much the same way.  For now, anyone who winds up with a sample, the ingredients are listed right above.  They are not listed on the little label, which may undergo several names!  Same oil.  With this oil, you can use it with John Christopher's all purpose connective tissue healer: wheat germ oil mixed with comfrey to make a paste to apply.  




Sept 3, 2017 Heard on the news from the hurricane relief efforts in TX when a lady was asked what they need, one of the things she mentioned was bug spray! 

I think there's probably a lot of good recipes out there to make up some effective home sprays.  I've tried Jodi Baglien's Bug repellant Beats Deet (good), Young Living has a good one for people and animals, Will Heal Farm has a good bug repellant that I used this summer in stifling heat and mosquito swamp conditions, and the one we just put together is good.  It might be more economical, go farther and also create some good skin protectors to use more natural home blends. 

I used Costco's 2 Liter bottles of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - sells for about $16, so that's a pretty easy start, and then find some 100% lemon grass essential oil - add to that anything else bugs don't like, yet are safe.

There are some standard main natural ingredients to add to a bug repellent like lemon grass, eucalyptus, peppermint and so on, then they are added to a base of something like olive oil, and sometimes cut with other base ingredients.  It's kind of a personal thing sometimes, especially with allergies, on what you might choose for oils.  Lemon grass added to olive oil, plus Jodi Baglien's custom blend Comfort just happens to be a scent that I'm personally not adverse to myself being kind of scent intolerant.

Peppermint is supposed to be for headaches, but I can get a headache from too much peppermint.  Same with Eucalyptus, gets old after a while.  Lemon grass by itself is also almost citronella like.  Might as well use gasoline, so it really worked out good mixed with Jodi Baglien's blend that she named "Comfort". 

This summer we tried rendering birch oil from old cut birch bark. Didn't work, it was too dry. That's an old Siberian woodland recipe to slather yourself and gear down with blackened birch oil.  To not go out and decimate the forest right away, score a tree in the spring that you are going to be marking for firewood anyway (real firewood aficionados can tell when a birch is going to die ahead of time - birch can go quick and get all spongey, or better yet know someone who cut some up early in the spring to dry).  Then, get an old half of a steel barrel or something with holes in the bottom, going with a container underneath to catch the oil, build a fire around it to burn for a few hours - huge mess, but you'll get a nice used motor oil consistency like ready-to-use product. 

Usually, in nature there's a cure close by for whatever it is, so there are probably a lot of great southern home bug/mosquito repellent remedies that are excellent.  Only problem with home remedies, Federal, State and local government are probably not going to be able to accept them if they don't come from a lab where ingredients and product have been inspected, so this idea is only good if you have friends or family that hopefully trust your gathering and mixing skills!!

Can't imagine the poison ivy oil floating around, never mind about 600 other plants in the poison ivy family.  Dollar Tree stores carry the little 8 ounce bottles of Dawn dish soap which is supposed to be 60% effective (compare to 75% of some of the best poison ivy washes out there - within the first 30 minutes and supposed to wash with cold water) in breaking down the urushioil (the oil in the poison ivy family that aggravates the skin starts bonding with proteins in the skin within 30 minutes). 

Olive oil probably makes such a good base to use, for so many things, because it is already, without anything added, very soothing to badly scratched skin affected by psoriasis, eczema, bites, rashes from plant and other chemical skin irritants. Once the surface can be soothed down, it seems to have a good effect on calming down the constant call to action of helper T-cells (why it's said don't scratch, scratching creates a viscous circle).  A clarified version of olive oil called Sweet Oil is an old remedy for earaches that can still be found in drug stores like Walgreens.

10/16/17 Have a blog practically going on here.  I do love this oil.    Might look into a better olive oil source for next year after watching a channel 9 (I think) Love That Olive owner interview a few months ago.  The website is  who source from a grower in Italy and hold workshops or courses in Maple Grove.  My other new favorite website is going to be with lots of great links to exhaust on where to find good olive oil sources right here in the states.  Short of being right there for the first press, I guess it's time to catch up on all the ups and downs of the olive oil world.

8-26-18  Off to collect horsetail this morning!

My 2018 batch is done, found amazing horsetail at my sister-in-laws in wisc, on the upper part of the ravine where it is not too sunny and not too shady, goldenrod aerial parts, our old farm hemp whole plant including seeds, comfrey whole plant from another sister-in-law north of Grand Marais (beautiful plants), red elm bark,  mullein whole plant, and evening primrose aerial parts, plantain whole plant, white pine resin from a lone huge white pine tree on another sisters property way up north.  All plant material air dried and ground, then low heat steeped method in organic olive oil. Love this oil and will use it in the studio.  It's really too time intensive to sell, but will share while it lasts. 

Took a look at a few olive growers in the southwest, am liking Arizona, have a sister spending the winter in AZ and a nephew working at a coop in AZ, so this winter between what they can find and what I can find online, may use a AZ olive oil next summer/fall for a 2019 batch, just didn't have enough time to look into enough this year. 















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